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Sifu Benno Wai in Winchester

Sifu Benno Wai will be back in Winchester to share some knowledge on Practical Wing Chun. Possibility for grading as well.

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Summer schedule 2022

Het zomer rooster voor de eerste drie weken van de officiële zomervakantie. Ter verduidelijking: Amsterdam en Almere Academies!

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Demonstration videos by Sifu Benno and Sifu Pele

Topics: Practical Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Escrima and Kids Kung Fu

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Mission Statement

UCT International was started with the objective of offering the widest possible curriculum for personal resilience and self-defense. Given developments around the world, such as growing population, a greater sense of inequality, increased poverty, diverse cultural differences, and reduced living space, it is important that everyone learn basic self defence.  Consequently, they will not have to rely on others for protection and they will become more self-reliant, especially when threatened.   A physical conflict often begins with a verbal conflict and our students learn to recognize the inherent escalation process and how best to manage such situations.

With this in mind, we have established several programmes.  For our children, we have developed a broad syllabus called Jing Wu Kids, in which a child learns not only to defend against standing aggression but also to survive attacks that end up on the ground.  In this programme, children of all ages develop more self-confidence, better social awareness and improved motor skills,  This training also instils discipline and improving concentration in our younger students.

For adults, we offer the Practical Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun) system which was developed by Grand Master Wan Kam Leung.  This is a type of Kung Fu training is focused purely on the most practical form of self defense. Through the years it has become evident that many physical confrontations involve striking or stabbing weapons and the possibility of multiple attackers.  Again, we offer effective strategies and techniques for dealing with such extreme aggression. This training is the ACE (Armed Combat Essentials) programme developed by Sifu Benno Wai.  It is supported by international specialists in the field of weapons training - experts such as Grand Master Steve Tappin of Escrima Concepts and Tom Sotis, creator of the AMOK weapons system.

From TV and local events, many people are acquainted with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  This is a popular sport which allows martial artists of different, and often combined disciplines, to compete within a limited rules system. At UCT International we do not offer MMA training but we do teach the ultimate system which MMA participants use when a fight ends up on the ground.  It is called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (standing self-defence is covered by the training described above).  Team UCT is renown for the quality of its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it is led by Pele Nguyen (an international multi BJJ champion who has participated in many tournaments).  So, we offer the opportunity to train BJJ in a pleasant, structured and injury-free environment. Besides training BJJ in the Gi, a heavy-duty, judo-like uniform, we are also given weekly training sessions in Submission Grappling, training which requires only light clothing.

Naturally, all UCT lessons and seminars are taught by professional instructors, trained and certified to give the best possible training to our students. We are here at UCT International to help students of all ages become more independent, self reliant, confident and socially responsible.

If you are interested, please fill out a contact form and we can decide how best to be of service.   



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