Update UCT Academies schedules



Adult training

Due to the temporary new rules set announced by the Dutch Government we have changed the schedule slightly. This means that there cannot be any physical contact between the students untill mentioned otherwise. Therefore there will be only FSC Training for the time being with on some days some form, footwork or other technical component drills. These specific schedules will be announced in the Wazzap groups.

Hopefully this will all pass quickly so we can get back to our contact (sparring) training.

For now the groups will be maximum 15 students, because otherwise we cannot guarantee the 1,5 meter distancing. If anything is changing in this it will also be announced in the Wazzap groups!

Kids training

There are NO changes at this moment. We will pay even more attention to the hygiene and safety precautions.


Warm regards,


The whole team of UCT Instructors.