UCT Online Classes



Since the unfortunate events started we offer online classes for most of our members. We are still working on the last group on how to accommodate them as well. But specially for our Kids we share each week classes which can be trained at home. Our youngest members come to our schools / academies because they come to learn an art, learning this art can be done at home. The only thing missing is a direct source who does the correcting and there are online no games to be played. But most stuff can be trained alone or with a family member, the nice thing of this is that more people will have to get of the couch and help :-)

If you are not in our mailing list please sent an email to Meester Anton and he will then add you. If you also wanna be ina wazzap group please add a mobile number and of course the name of the participating member.

Ofcourse this goes for our adult members as well!!

Stay well, healthy and with a smile


The UCT Team of instructors