Two great Summercamp for Kids at the UCT Academies!



We from UCT International and Jing Wu Kids NL organise every year two Summercamps and two Wintercamps for our Kids. They are always held at our UCT Academies in Amsterdam and Almere. The age categories are always from 6 years and up to 12/13 years old. This year we actually had two days at the Academy in Almere with youth members, 12 and up.

As always the kids had a great time with training in several aspects of the different fighting arts which are being taught at the UCT Schools. There was Wing Chun Kung Fu, some Escrima and some Brazlian Jiu Jitsu training while at the same time having loads of fun!!


The next Camp will be at the end of december please check the events for exact information! 



Jing Wu Kids NL