Special Nei Gong training with GM Wang An Lin in Shanghai.



Even tough Sifu Benno Wai just returned from China a few weeks ago he was handed a not to be missed opportunity, the chance to not only meet GM Wang An Lin but also to have private instruction for three days in a row! It was a great experience where it was made clear that besides the Martial Nei Gong (Chi Kung) he is of a very high level of Spiritual & Healing Nei Gong.

The Healing part Sifu Benno Wai experienced him self due to that he arrived in Shanghai with a flu.

After a treatment of approximately 9 minutes Sifu Benno felt great again. The theoretical information was overwhelming these days and Sifu Kleber & Sifu Benno were quite fortunate to be allowed to film everything! 

Again a great learning experience and after some diligent training the information will be again passed on to Sifu Benno his students at UCT International. 



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