Great Wing Chun event once again!



It was great having Sifu Jesper Lundqvist at our Wing Chun Academy in Amsterdam. For over 20 years a great friend and Wing Chun brother of Sifu Benno. There is a small group of Wing Chun specialists who come together when ever possible and these guys (and girl) are known for there knowledge and skill: Sifu Jesper Lundqvist, Sifu Martin Brogaard, Sifu Alan Mencke Hansen, Sifu Pui Yee, Sifu Kleber Battaglia and Sifu Benno Wai.  It was great having Sifu Jesper sharing some historical information about Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, Wing Tsjun etc.) and to be introduced to some old itrainings methods of the Mainland China lineages of Wing Chun. They have some methods called "Sup Yee Lou" or "Sup Yee Sik", meaning "12 Ways/Methods" or "12 Techniques". In Gulao Wing Chun, a version of the style stemming from a method Leung Jan taught in his home village of Dong Bin, the Sup Yee Sik make up the entire technical foundation of the style - they do not have the "Saam Tou Kuen" - Siu Lin Tao, Cham Kiu, Biu Ji - like Fatsaan-type Wing Chun. In lineages descending from great Wing Chun master Sum Nung the 12 Methods/Techniques constitute a basic training programme which is taught prior to the students learning SLT and the other forms.
Sum Nung Sifu was of the opinion that learning the Wing Chun style the traditional way would take too long to develop practical fighting skills, so he isolated some movements which he felt would form a good basis for practical skill development and through intense drilling of these techniques the students would develop a solid foundation of actual fighting skill on which the full system of Wing Chun could be built.
The actual techniques and drills he taught to his various students over the years of his teaching career varied a bit. 
The weekend with Sifu Jesper the 12 Methods of the "Mai Gei Wong" Wing Chun system was taught. In this system the 12 Methods are not simply basic techniques, but rather a digest version of the style, teaching concepts from the three forms and also the Muk Yan Jong. So, once the students have learnt these methods, he or she has a good overview of the system and many of the concepts and ideas of the style.
Sifu Jesper showed the form and he explained the concepts and had the participants try out the various techniques and ideas.

Besides the seminar hours Sifu Jesper and Sifu Benno spent numerous hours more training together. It was a great weekend and we are looking forward already to his next visit.

Our next event in Amsterdam will be the European Practical Wing Chun Summercamp at Amsterdam with some great Sifu's (Sifu Martn Brogaard, Sifu Kleber Battaglia etc.) once again at our Academy!