Three new Black Belts at Jing Wu Kids Netherlands!



On Saturday June the 9th it was ’judgement’ day at the UCT Academy Amsterdam. A five hour testing of the three applicants for the much desired Jing Wu Black Belt. Well prepared Milan Reukers, Julia Koster and Roos Koster started the test with some theory on the different arts which are taught at the UCT Schools. Wing Chun Kung Fu, Escrima (ACE) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After 45 minutes the papers were handed to Sifu Benno Wai. After having went through them the green light for the second part was given. After some technical show of skill, form and application of the different techniques, it went on the more physical part. Even though all three had to dig deep, they all in the end passed the test!

Congratulations once more to: Milan Reukers, Julia Koster and Roos Koster!


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Jing Wu Kids NL