Practical Wing Chun April grading at UCT Academy Amsterdam



Sunday the Practical Wing Chun grading started at 11.30, right after the Open Mat BJJ, on the UCT Academy Amsterdam. Under the supervision of Sifu Pele Nguyen & Sifu Benno Wai there was first the Siu Nim Tao group which was grading, after the technical part it went on to the more practical testing part …. the circle … All did very well, both Sifu Pele as Sifu Benno were really happy with the performance of the students!

After this it went on to the students who were up to be graded in Cham Kiu & Biu Jee. Here the biggest focus was on technical skill and all passed. Some still needed work on their program, which was communicated to them by their Sifu’s!


Next grading will be: on June 17 at the UCT Academy Almere

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