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Jing Wu Warriors
Jing Wu Warriors

About Jing Wu Warriors

The primary aim of the Jing Wu Dragons (12 to 15 years) programme is to improve the fine-motor skills of the children. Increased awareness of the body and better concentration and discipline are also important benefits of these classes. The focus is not just on self-defence and improving social skills is emphasized too.

Jing Wu Warriors - Blue Belt

From the numerous physical exercises is these classes, the children learn their strengths and weaknesses and how to make positive improvements. For example, in a particular situation, do they adopt a solid stance or take a more flexible approach?   These young students learn resilience and how to recognize and cope with social pressures without losing their identity. Ultimately, Jing Wu Dragons start to trust themselves, becoming more assertive and self reliant, daring to chose their own path. We teach these younger children how to cope with peer pressure, avoid being bullied and progress with purpose.

We teach the children to be open to the views of other people as they learn to communicate, work together, build friendships and develop a sense of solidarity with the commnity.

For this age group, the lessons are only 40 minutes long. This is the ideal time period for children of this age to absorb information without losing interest or becoming tired.

Training Jing Wu Warriors

Jing Wu Warriors classes begin with a short warm and gentle stretching movements. This is followed by Kung Fu drills and other exercises aimed at improving the fine-motor skills and general condition of the children. Formal training is in-dispersed with fun games, enabling the kids to relax before concentrating on further training.

Jing Wu Warriors - Shoulder Throw

Jing Wu Warriors Levels

Unlike the classes for older children, Jing Wu Warriors training does not involve formal exams. Instead, the children wear different coloured bands on their belt that indicate how long the child has been training. Only when a child is old enough to transfer to the Jing Wu Warriors classes (12 to 15 years), will he or she participate in the regular exams. Then, at the discretion of the instructor, accelerated progress through the exam sequence will be considered, depending on the knowledge, experience and skill of the child.

Jing Wu Warriors - A Black Belt is a White Belt Who Never Quits

An example of the various bands (or slips) to be found on JKW belts. These colors are replicated in the Jing Wu Warriors passports. 

Benefits of Jing Wu Warriors

The results of the training soon become evident in how a child behaves at home and in other social situations.

In general, the confidence and resilience of the child is much improved

Your child will learn

  • Far more confidence
  • To stand up for themselves (in a polite and dignified manner)
  • Functional and sensible strength conditioning
  • How to relate to, and communicate, with his or her peers
  • To respect other people and their immediate environment
  • To recognize emergency situations and how to react accordingly
  • How to anticipate and avoid threatening situations

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Jing Wu Warriors Instructors

  • Sifu Benno Wai
    Sifu Benno Wai
    Master Instructor
  • Sifu Pele Nguyen - PWC
    Sifu Pele Nguyen
    Master Instructor
  • Menno Frieswijk - PWC
    Sifu Menno Frieswijk
    Head Instructor