UCT Summercamp Spain 2018

19/09/2018 - 23/09/2018


We will once again organise the best week of training of the year 2018 from Tuesday September 18 (arrival day) till Monday 24th (Departure day) in sunny Marbella Spain!

We will kick-of again with Practical Self defense against unarmed as well as against armed assailents! Main ingredients of-course Practical Wing Chun & ACE combatives! Besides the PWC & ACE training there will also be instruction this year in Nei Gong and an introduction to Yi Quan training!

This year we will be back at our old location, a beautiful 5 star Hotel situated on the beach in Mijas Cala! We are happy to be back here!

For the whole UCT Spain Summercamp, as in for 6 nights (19th till 25th) and 5 days of training the price will be 575 per person (for single room it's 725)

Indication of schedule:

08.00-09.00  Nei Gong  |  10.00-13.00  PWC  |  13.00-14.00 ACE/YiQuan


Dates: September 18th (arrival) till Monday 24th (departure)
Cost whole camp: 575 p.p. (room alone 725)

Prices of isolated seminars: 1 day 50 euro, 2 days 90 euro, 3 days 130 euro, 4 days 165 euro and 5 days 195 euro

We have room for maximum 10 students, so please hurry and reserve your spot!!

Closing date (and payment) reservation: 1 AUGUSTUS!

IMPORTANT: With your reservation you agree that payment will be done even if you cancel at a later stage!!
Hope to see all old familiair faces at our annual trip to the sun!

Please check back for additional information.

or please mail to: info@uct-international.com