Nei Gong weekend with Sifu Wai

04/06/2022 - 05/06/2022


On the 4th of June there will be a Nei Gong weekend in 'de Lutte' In a Hotel with great nature surroundings! Sifu Wai will teach parts of different Kung Fu systems where the emphasis is on the internal part of these arts. The different arts which will be taught are: Wen Shen Quan, Yi Quan and Fukkien White Crane. From these arts we will dive into the Zhan Zhuang, Tui Shou and meditation. As a special there will also be training in the Luk Dim Poon kwan (Long Pole) as trained in Yi Quan and there will be training in the body mechanics method of Feldenkrais! In total there will be 9 hours of training!!

An amazing weekend of joining with like minded humans who wish to connet and learn!

Hotel cost is 75 euro per room (including Breakfast) ofcourse you can share the room with two people :-)

The investment for training will be 99 euro's per person for a UCT member (if not a UCT member the cost is 199 euro)

Schedule is TBA, but Saturday we will start at 09.00 and Sunday at 11.00.

We have already a lot of sign ups, so there are only a few spots left. You can mail to Sifu Benno Wai if you want to join!