Conceptual Wing Chun Wintercamp 2019

11/02/2019 - 15/02/2019


After having had for over 10 years the various Summercamps in Europe we finally decided to have a Wintercamp in the East. The first edition will be in the land of Muay Thai, Thailand. The five day training will be from Monday Februari the 11th till Friday the 15th of Februari. The place to be is Jomtien Beach (which is South Pattaya) We as leading Instructors have booked our rooms at Hotel D Varee Jomtien Beach. It is a very nice High class Hotel for very reasonable prices. 
We would prefer all participants to book the same Hotel but we do understand if participants want to make their own arrangements. 
The training will be how ever in the Hotel area or very nearby.

As to the Instruction you will enjoy, there will be three of the most prolific Practical Wing Chun Sifu’s leading the camp: 
Sifu Martin Brogaard from Denmark, Sifu Kleber Battaglia from Italy (by way of Shanghai where he resides and teaches) and Sifu Benno Wai from the Netherlands.
Together they will teach in various areas of the Martial Arts (not only Practical Wing Chun but also in the art of Nei Gong, Knife fighting and Ground fighting / BJJ) to help the participants in their respective skill enhancement. As a special treat there will be classes on BCD & Long Pole training.
The training will be five hours a day, with small breaks in between.

The definite schedule will be up in the near future. 
Place to be: Hotel D Varee Jomtien Beach
Dates: 11th of Februari till 15th of Februari
Investment: 299 euro (OR 250 EURO FOR MEMBERS of THE PWC Family)
Schedule: to be announced 
Equipment needed: Punching gloves, Shin protection and when desired a mouth protector.


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