Amsterdam Practical Wing Chun Summercamp 2019

24/07/2019 - 28/07/2019


The 2019 Amsterdam Practical Wing Chun Summercamp! Put it in your agenda, great time as well to visit the gorgeous city of Amsterdam!
This years one of a kind European Practical Wing Chun Summercamp event will be hosted by Sifu Benno Wai (and his UCT Team) and the Head of PWC Shanghai, Sifu Kleber Battaglia!
We will start this year with the European Summercamp 2019 Practical Wing Chun on Wednesday 24th of July and we will finish on Sunday the 28th.
Investment for these 5 days of top level instruction:
All 5 days 459,00
If you are a PWC or UCT Member all 5 days will be 299,00 euro!
One day training will be 99 euro
If you are a PWC or UCT Member one day only 70,00 euro!
Half day only for PWC or UCT Members 40,00 euro (so not possible for non-members)
Keep the dates free in your agenda!
The exact schedule will be posted at later stage, but expect the following general schedule to be the 'red' threat through out.
Zhan Zhuang training in the morning
Then spread over multiple hours:
Fundamentals | Posture | Footwork | Chi Sau | Bridging the distance | Weapon training | Surviving the pavement | Long Pole | Wooden Dummy | Kicking | Pad work | Etc.
Stay tuned for the updates!

Keep checking back here or at our FB page for the Summercamp Experience!