UCT Summercamp Spain 2017

19/09/2017 - 24/09/2017

UCT Summercamp 2015 Practical Wing Chun & ACE


We will once again organise the best week of training of the year in sunny Marbella Spain!

We will kick-of again with Practical Self defense against unarmed as well as against armed assailents! Main ingredients of-course Practical Wing Chun & ACE combatives!

Due to changes at our traditional Hotel at Mijas Cala, we booked this year 6 apartments as our accommodation for the 2017 UCT Spain Summer-camp week.
We therefor have decided to move to a location in Fuengirola close to the beach, with big swimming pool, free wifi, fitness, Sauna cabin with Supermarket in house and your own kitchen. (train-station actually around the corner as well)

For the PWC (The component training camp) for 6 nights (19th till 25th) price will be 575 per person (for apartment single occupancy it's 775.

Only PWC: 575 p.p. (room alone 775)

Prices of isolated seminars: 1 day 50 euro, 2 days 90 euro, 3 days 130 euro, 4 days 165 euro and 5 days 195 euro

We have room for maximum 10 students, so please hurry and reserve your spot!!

Closing date (and payment) reservation: 1 AUGUSTUS!  FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMPORTANT: With your reservation you agree that payment will be done even if you cancel at a later stage!!
Hope to see all old familiair faces at our annual trip to the sun!

Please check back for additional information.

or please mail to: info@uct-international.com